My Plan

Here’s what you can expect from my new blog:

I like to write, I have a series going on in my head and I’m trying very hard to get it written out. I have my first draft out for the first book of the series and plan on trying to get that thing published. (It’s pretty damn good, if I do say so myself 🙂 

  1. For this blog, I think I’ll post a chapter a week of a developing story of one of the side characters in that series.  His name is Godfrey and he’s the father to one of my most loved (by me, of course, no one else knows him yet) and main characters. We’ll follow Godfrey through his life of teenaged rebellion and if anyone finds this after my book is published (I hope and pray it will be.) It will be cool to see how Godfrey turned into the person he is in the present.
  2. The next thing I want to do, is review books as I read them.  I’ve recently discovered thanks to an office friend, and now have more books to read than I know what to do with. 
  3. I make art sometimes. I was trained to be an artist. I feel like I’m not an artist, I don’t have the drive to be an artist. Anyway, I really want to start sketching my characters.  From there I’ll start a series of paintings or photographs or both.  The point is, I’ll be uploading my art. Hopefully.

I will post a lot this first week so that I have some quality content for anyone who wants to read.  I’ll review the last few books I’ve read and hopefully get a chapter of my unnamed Godfrey story.  However it’s more likely that I don’t get started until next week because here, where I am in Germany, this week is CARNAVAL!  For all of my American friends, that’s like Mardi Gras in New Orleans. 

I’ll be going on a following spree this week, though.  If you have an recommendations for good writers on here I’d love to add them to my list. I also would love followers who are looking to critique work and be critiqued.





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