New Character Alert!


So I told you I was taking a break form Godfrey, right? Right. Well I’m working on a new scifi/fantasy/romance about a Merman. Yes. You can laugh.

Anyway, it focuses around Caspian, a 23 year old Merman with loads of secrets and a playful smirk.

So part of the way I realize my characters is by drawing them. So here he is: Caspian Calder.Β  Who is evidently a beefier, aquamarine haired Ton Heukels in Merman form.

Let me know in the comments and likes if you are interested in excerpts from this as I write it πŸ˜€

Β© Aubrey Meeks
All Characters and writing belong to and are the intellectual property of me: Aubrey Meeks
Illustrations are my interpretation of found media and then drawn πŸ˜€


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