Wendy Lawrence


Excerpt from my new work in progress 🙂

“Hey, Haus…” He turned so that his big brown eyes peered out at her from under his stringy ginger hair.
“Stay here a second and watch the beer? I want to go check something out by the water. If I’m not back in five minutes, come get me. Okay?”  She didn’t wait for him to answer. It would be Haus’s job to ask a thousand questions in an over protective fit before letting her go. He was so logical, and so cautious. Constantly. It never stopped.

No one was paying attention to the glimmer Wendy spotted from the boardwalk.  It looked like a slight struggle beneath the pull of the waves.

She darted down the stairs, inspecting each step for offensive medical waste.  She’d be damned if another animal was to die at the hands of mass produced plastic. But as she stalked into the pitch black looming over where the water met the cool sand, she realized it wasn’t exactly an animal at all. It was a boy, maybe just older than she was. His head of matted deep dark hair tinted from the green glow of the moonlight bouncing off the slimy water lay buried in the crook of his elbow.

The trim muscles of his chest rose and plunged with distressed breaths.
“Hey, buddy. You all right?” Wendy reached for him, brazenly unafraid.

© Aubrey Meeks
All Characters and writing belong to and are the intellectual property of me: Aubrey Meeks
Illustrations are my edits of found media and then drawn digitally 😀

(This one is of the lovely Allison Harvard)


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