Godfrey’s Future

Godfrey has a huge future in my universe. I sort of backed myself into a corner with the story and that’s why I stopped writing. (That and I have been polishing my manuscript and am preparing to start the finding a publisher process) So. What do we do now?

I think, if anyone is interested, I’ll take questions…  What do you not know about Godfrey that you want to know? I might pick up where I left off… I might not illustrate as often… I want to focus on the story.

I know where Godfrey ends up. So going forward, I want to tell the story of how he got there… and perhaps if my manuscript gets published, you’ll understand everything about him when he turns up.



5 thoughts on “Godfrey’s Future

    • I feel like some wise words from SalvaVenia would be an amazing help! Also, do you know of any writer’s circles I can join? I’m looking to be critiqued before I send my manuscript out…

      • Here in Germany?
        And critique you will get anyway, because people are different. Doesn’t matter in the literature business or whereever.

        Initially I’d look for some people I trust and ask them for a honest assessment to get some basic/general feedback. Try to include persons who are not emotionally bounded to you and are not liable just to do you a favour.

        To discuss this matter further, just drop me a mail at salvavenia@gmx.com.

        Keeping my fingers crossed for your well-deserved success,

      • Thanks! Super helpful!
        I’ve got one other writer friend reading my book and then a few beta readers for the manuscript. I was just thinking about if there were any online circles to get my manuscript in tip top shape before sending it out 😀

        I will probably be messaging you soon xD

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