Archer, Illustrated!


aegisdea designed a BEAUTIFUL rendition of my OC, Archer!

I’m sharing with you all a little snippet from the manuscript I’m working on, all from a day in the life of Archer!

“Darrell. Okay. Okay. Truce. I’m sorry. Can we just talk privately for a second?” Darrell chortles and his shiny veins pulsate under his bald scalp. “You listen here.” I say. He backhands me across the face and I swallow hard. “He hasn’t done anything. He’s only eight! Christ! Calm down, Darrell!” My face is suddenly burning. “You’re not to touch Harry again.” He strikes me again.  “If you so much as lay a finger on him, I will tell my father, and with all the humbuggery you do here, you’ll go to jail.” He grinds his teeth. He looks like he wants to push my head through a wall. I know, my demands are insulting. Hold on, now. “In return you can beat the shit out of me all you like. You just can’t touch Harry, and I will promise not to tell.”

excerpt from Archer and the Lust Boys © Aubrey Meeks all rights reserved


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