Warwick, Illustrated!


…. *drools*  Aegisdea did this gorgeous picture of my sexy man and Archer’s best friend, Warwick Davenport.

Here’s a little snippet from my book, it’s just a little bit explaining his tattoos 😀

“Oooh, Mummy! Tell me how handsome I look too!” He throws his head back and shakes it out, letting the wispy, ultra blonde hair play about his face.
“You’re beautiful, honey.” Kath gives him a squeeze and adds “I quite like these tattoos, maybe we shouldn’t show your father yet. Archer, have you seen these?”
Warwick pulls up the hem of his jumper. There’s a row of bird silhouettes freshly tattooed with throbbing pink edges into the pale gold skin on the side of his boney ribcage.
“Now the bird’s nest over your heart really makes sense.”  I like that Warwick’s mum knows everything about him. She knows that he can’t find a girl because he keeps comparing every relationship he skates around to his mother father’s relationship and ends them all before they can begin. He does it only because no one is ever good enough.  Kath knows that he has tattoos curling around his torso and arms, but most of them mean something that remind him of his family.  She knows that he smokes pot, and sometimes pops a few pills if there’s a good party, but he would never shoot up drugs. She knows, and that’s it.  Even his father knows, well most things, he’s not so in love with Warwick’s shoulder length hair, or the tattoos, but he knows just the same. No one asks Warwick to change. They just look at him and think, Well, this is who you are. Sure, he’s been lectured about drugs and safety, but they just accept him. This is who he is, and it’s okay.
“Now I’ve a tattoo for each of my siblings. All the birds in a row, this here crown…” Warwick pulls his arm out of his floppy, half unbuttoned flannel shirt so I can admire the black and red crown he has circling around his bicep. “…for Eldridge, and this here arrow…” This lunatic is now just collecting tattoos to be hip. I know it. He takes his other arm out of his sleeve and on the back of his upper arm is a long and thin archaic silhouette of an arrow running from his shoulder to his elbow. “…is for the brother I should have had.”

-Archer and the Lust Boys, © Aubrey Meeks, all rights reserved.  All characters and writing in and pertaining to Archer and the Lust Boys belong to Aubrey Meeks


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