Ollie and Ozzy, Illustrated!


So Aegisdea​ is an absolute GENIUS and has come up with these breathtaking renditions of my twins Ollie and Ozzy.  I’m shocked by how great they look! ❤

So here’s a snippet from their first gig with the Lust Boys ! Enjoy!

I don’t know who’s more miffed, Warwick, or me. That’s saying something because I’m genuinely surprised Warwick hasn’t brutally murdered both twins and chopped their hands into bloody stumps.
“Hey mate. You know, you and Ozzy are top notch musicians.”  The crowd erupts into a staggered laughter as I interrupt the middle of the free-for-all, rather, the song.
“I don’t want to muck up the creative integrity of the eleven unsanctioned solos you’ve both been expertly producing for us tonight, but, could you kindly cut it the fuck out?” Ollie runs a hand through his long wavy hair, then scratches the dumb shaved sides.
You know? I can’t be cross with a bloke who wanks the neck of a bass and then blows the imaginary ejaculation all over my face. Alternatively he can’t be cross with me for squirting the rest of my water bottle down his shirt.
“Enough.” Ozzy doges the empty bottle aimed at his own stupidly side shaved head.  What sort of identical twins have the same goddamn haircut?
“Will one of you cut your damn hair? You look like child prostitutes.”
“We done here?” Warwick finishes tuning his guitar and gets up from the amp he’s been sitting on.

-Archer and the Lust Boys, © Aubrey Meeks, all rights reserved.  All characters and writing in and pertaining to Archer and the Lust Boys belong to Aubrey Meeks


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