Alban, Illustrated

Alban sm

This is Alban, and here’s his introductory snippet from my manuscript!

“Ready to go, is all.  All right, Alban?” He didn’t hear me. “Hey bruv, tout va bien?”
Alban flicks his thick spindly blonde streaked hair from his eyes in a whiplash inducing swoop and looks up from his slender mobile.  His hair is much more tightly curled than mine.  You probably would never guess that he’s my cousin, or even related to me, if you looked at him.  It’s because his father is pure ebony. He’s a smartly dressed, regal looking Nigerien-Frenchman.  Alban, being the gorgeous biracial baby he is, has skin like a damn mochachino and the Cavendish blues glowing in his eye sockets.  When he wears his perfectly wiry curls just past his collar bones, he doesn’t look like a bum, he fucking looks regal. It helps that he’s nearly always dressed in crisp button up shirts and pressed trousers. He’s just about the only one of us who is exactly who you would expect when you hear that we’re all sitting on mountainous trust funds, if mine even exists.

-Archer and the Lust Boys, © Aubrey Meeks/Aubrey Brown, all rights reserved.  All characters and writing in and pertaining to Archer and the Lust Boys belong to Aubrey Meeks

Art by Aegisdea


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