Little Fake Humans

When I was younger, I liked a lot of games where I got to make my own character. But I only ever played long enough to create the most suh-weet looking character, and then I’d make another and another, then delete my account.  Sims. I played Sims all the time, I had families with the max 8 characters and made new ones constantly.

Now. I hold onto my characters. I put them in my stories and I ruin their lives and see how they come out of it. Now I’m realizing that I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few young writers over the past few months, and they all love their characters as much as I love my own.

So I came up with an idea so I can meet my fellow writers, and do my characters justice when it comes to making them complete little fake humans to put into stories.

I am inviting ALL writers to come to me with their characters and introduce them to mine! I know, sounds silly. But, it’s actually fun. I’ve been working on this for the past few weeks with a friend, Julie and basically what I pitched to her was this: You come up with your character, I’ll bring mine, and we just drop them in a situation and see what they do. So that’s what we’re working on right now.  Julie and I have been working a scene out in which our characters meet, and it is glorious.

If you think you might want to try out an exercise like this to explore your character’s personality and really get to know them in situations they’d never be in, PLEASE contact me via the contact section!

And keep an eye out for the first collaborative story!


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