When Procrastination is Inspiring!

Tolthe1I’m working on my book, I swear!  I just have been researching.  I’m fleshing out characters and creating active plots and even though my unmet word count goal gives me agita, I feel some comfort in that I am working out the most important bits.

Even when I am playing Dragon Age inquisition for an hour (YES only an hour!) at night and not writing OR researching.

On to the best bit— I have the plot of a new book thanks to my new obsession with elves…which stems from my procrastination romance with Dragon Age.

If only it ended there!  I became so obsessed with doing nothing but playing around with my new babies (characters), that I started drawing them, as I always do— and as I was doing this, I started playing around with some new photoshop brushes, found a favorite, and figured out how to mimic my fine art, by using digital art. Seriously, I even fooled my mom.  I sent her an image of this here man, Tolthe, and she thought it was a new painting!

So that was my successful week of procrastination!

Happy Weekend!



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