The Howling Eyes

Nathaniel walked his small cell, paced blindly as he waited to be called. He squinted as he sat, looking for his foggy window in the darkness. He tapped his pale fingers on his knobby knee and sighed.

He hadn’t been Nathaniel Kent for some time. He was The Howling Eyes – call him thrice for the last look for your life. 

Just when the irks sent pained unrest through his spine, he heard her voice, once, twice, thrice.  What little sight Nathaniel had without his glasses blurred and tinted to a dusty, bloody lens.

He’d been called and it was a pity he’d lose himself to The Howling Eyes. 

The Howling Eyes stared out from the mirror in a candlelit bathroom. Two shivering girls stood hoping to be chosen as the too light, grey eyes stared back at them.

    The Howling Eyes wasn’t as bad as everyone said he was.  He was just a kid, no more than eighteen, with a squint and a wrinkled forehead. He was far too cute, the girls thought.  If it wasn’t for all that blood and the hole in his chest, he’t be a total babe.

“Nathaniel?” The girls called like all the others.

“Nathaniel, don’t kill us, we’ll be your friends.” They cried as he pulled them through the mirror with trembling fingers. “Don’t kill us.” They cried, like all the others.

– ©Aubrey “Meeks” Brown 2015

Nathaniel Kent and The Howling Eyes is a character from a collaborative story to be written by myself, Aubrey Meeks, and my good friend Dani Santapaola! Can’t wait to get started! If you’d like to read more about Nathaniel and his “friends” Like and share!!!


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