Collaborative Writing!

Lately I have been so immersed in writing and exploring characters that it is the main focus of my life right now. I am working with great writers and of course my favorite illustrator, Drei San Juan, aka Aegisdea, to create a series of short stories.

I am proud to say that I have finished my first piece, with a writer by the name of Cara. We should be ready to post within the next weeks, and I hope you enjoy reading about our characters and how they met.

When elven prince, Tolthe Baltserssen van Staaten seeks outa witch and necromancer, Eliana Davenport for help following the death of his father, the king, will his noble heart be able to put everything back on track, or will Eliana uncover the secrets and unlock the root of Tolthe’s guilt and change his fate?

I can’t wait to share this story with you!

Please visit my contact page if you are interested in collaborative writing!


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