Tolthe vs Eliana Pt. 3: Ready

Tolthe and Eliana 2Tolthe touched the braids as she twisted them without pulling at his scalp. His mother would have slapped his hand away.

With a deep exhale he decided to make progress on relaxing.

“Tell me about yourself.” He requested, a little too sharply.

She raised her eyebrow. She tied the elastic around his braid, pulling it gently.“Pushy. What do you want to know?”

“Everything. Take my time.” He protected that sharp edge to his voice because if it shattered, he’d be left with pleading and whining for more time. “Why are you a necromancer, do you hate it or love it, what’s your favorite pizza place in the city, why do you dislike leather pants, is it because you haven’t had a good look at my ass in them?” Tolthe rattled off a few of the essential questions for Eliana. He stretched his legs out in front of him and cupped her bum so she didn’t slide off when he shifted. He shook his legs out until the pins and needles dissolved and he could return to serving as a chair for his soon-to-be killer.

“I’m a necromancer because it’s interesting. Some people compare it to an addiction, the rush you get when you cast a spell and pull yourself through the veil of life and death, playing God with people’s lives. It’s certainly different. A better buzz than drugs or whiskey. I can’t say if I love it or hate it, it’s too much of a gray area to decide. My favorite pizza is Nino’s, leather pants belong on a stripper whose rent is due by the end of the week, and your ass isn’t that great, princeling.” She patted his cheek, her eyes widening when he cupped her ass, keeping her from sliding off his lap as he stretched himself out. “My ass on the other hand, it’s out of this world.”

Tolthe snorted and tugged at his lower lip with his teeth. “Agreed.”

His heart thudded while his brain thought if he let the conversation die, he’d go with it. “Have you ever been in loveHow much will you love killing meHow long will the high last?” He barrelled through the questions as if the more he asked the longer it would take for the minutes to tick by.

“Yes. Not at all. Sometimes for days, sometimes only for seconds afterwards.” She answered calmly, twisting his braid in her hands. One of them had to be in control of themselves when this happened, and it clearly wasn’t going to be him. “Are you scared?”

Tolthe dropped his head and glanced up at Eliana. He rolled his head to the side and sucked in his lip.  If he wasn’t able to prematurely bloody up his mouth, he had to find a new plaything.

“No.” He stated with as much clarity as he could muster. Well, he lied.

He slid his hands until the found the small of Eliana’s back.

“If you’re going to be a damn necromancer, you might as well enjoy it.” His voice caught and rasped in his throat.

“Liar.” Residue of the spell she had cast tipped her off, a slight nudge in the back of his mind. But what else could she have expected? There was no one who truly didn’t fear death, fear the unknown and mystery and pain of dying and leaving behind a million what if’s.

“I do enjoy it. The knowledge and flow of it. But I don’t enjoy killing those who don’t deserve it.”

Tolthe shrugged. He could have spit out that he did deserve it. The sour taste of the words stung in his mouth, but he kept them there anyway.

A faint buzzing sounded in Tolthe’s pocket.

The superficial glee stayed with him until he glanced down at his mini tablet sized mobile phone. Vander flashed across the screen. Overcome by sighs and rolled eyes, Tolthe leaned into Eliana and set the phone down on the table. He let it buzz. He stared at it. It started and stopped through three buzz spans and he stared at it the whole time.

He had looked at the phone for only a second before he put it down, staring at it like it held all the answers to the universe. “Not going to answer it?” She peered at the bright screen before it stopped buzzing. “Vander is your brother, isn’t he, the one who is barely alive? Don’t you want to speak to him before you decide to die?”

“He’s alive. More than barely.” Tolthe tutted. “He just had a nasty burn. It will heal within the hour. I could never maim my little brother.”

Tolthe watched the phone buzz. “No. Let’s just get this thing over with. How long is it going to take?”

“Maim your little brother? Did you cause that nasty burn of his?” She raised an eyebrow, turning away from the phone to stare at the blond elf.

“Preparation shouldn’t take very long. You’ll be out and passed before the sun sets.”

“I did. He was enraged, and he’s much more of a skilled fighter than I am. I needed him to calm down and he wouldn’t. So I shut him up.” Tolthe nodded with a wistful stare at nothing in particular.

“Okay, Necromancer. Do your thing, prepare me.” He demanded with the slightest tremor.

“Rightly so. I think anyone has the right to be angry if their brother gave them a burn.” She gave him a significant look, leaning back slightly to give him a better look. She leaned back, pulling her bag forward and taking out the necessary tools. She twirled the knife in her hand, watching the silver glint in the light.


“No. Two things. Firstly: I burned him AFTER he was being a murderous lunatic. Secondly…” Tolthe snaked his hands on either side of Eliana’s face. He met her lips with his in the innocent and sad final kiss of his life. He breathed her in, the toxic sweetness of her scent, drove him mad. He filled his lungs with her sweet scent and kept it there so he might hold on to her as he passed. He savored the warmth of her skin and the taste of her lips and weighed the pros and cons of going further. Alas, he decided to stay true to his Skaftafellen Elvish roots and honor her. He broke the kiss to accept his fate.


-Written Collaboratively by Aubrey ‘Meeks’ Brown and Cara….. All characters belong solely to the author who wrote them ie: Cara owns Eliana and the world to which she belongs to, and Aubrey owns Tolthe and the world to which he belongs to. All items are copy-written accordingly.

Illustration by Aegisdea

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