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I am so happy to be a part of this project, and even more excited to share one of my muses with the world. Please! If you have the time and some spare cash, please help us! Every little bit helps to get this amazing project off the ground. If you’re interested in some of the other artists featured, please follow Magpies: A Book of Muses on twitter @MagpiesArt and tumblr

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From the Magpies: A Book of Muses Kickstarter page 

For each artist, inspiration takes different forms, we are curating an artbook that will characterize that fire of inspiration that is lit in each and every one of us. We are using this book as a celebration of the passion and imagination that allows us to keep creating.

It is said that King Pierus named his daughters after the nine muses, claiming that his daughters were more beautiful and talented than the muses themselves. The muses punished King Pierus by turning his beautiful daughters into magpies.

We have gathered many talented artists to create their own magpies: a personification or representation of who their muse is a91badc2470af13557c1d2527503bb8c_originaland we are using these pieces to fill a colorful and inspirational 60 page artbook.
Funds breakdown: These percentages are rounded and based off of funds after fees and taxes. Any additional funds we receive past the goal will be broken down based on this or used towards our stretch goals!

Risks and challenges

Working on a collaboration this large you are bound to face challenges, we are prepared to solve each one as it hits us!

To ensure a diverse collection of work we have a selection process that allows us to make sure the book does not include the tastes of only one person but a broad variety of mediums and styles!

While curating this artbook, we will be creating a waiting list of artists to have on deck in case of any problems that may arise with the artists we have chosen. Should one of our artists no longer be able to participate we’ll have many talented artists excited to participate!

We’ve allotted ourselves and our featured artists the necessary time to create, print, and ship this artbook (as well as each of the rewards!) so that our backers should not expect any delays in receiving their product.

Between our two creative minds we are sure to solve any issues that we may face to ensure that we are providing an amazing book.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 09.40.08


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