Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss Series – Stephanie Perkins

Okay, so this review is featuring a little bit of fan art I did of Isla and Josh.

I started the Anna and the French Kiss series because I needed something light to read. I needed something completely different from The Kingkiller Chronicles because man, did Kvothe leave me with a severe book hangover.

Anyway, I love this series for what it is. It’s just about falling in love, plain and simple. Stephanie Perkins makes you really feel it.

With Anna and Étienne, it was enough to get me hooked. Sweet, light, a bit infuriating, and enough of a break for them each to find themselves at the end. Perfect.

What I liked about Lola and Cricket, might not make sense at first: Lola annoyed me at times, but in a way that I found so true to how it feels to be in love and a teenager and confused. I don’t ever think there was a time I was annoyed with her where she wasn’t annoyed with herself. Isn’t that beautiful?
Cricket was an adorable little muffin and I couldn’t wait to see how he did up against dickhead Max.

With that being said, wow did I LOVE Josh and Isla.

I maybe had a bit of a crush on Josh because of the artist in New York thing (hello, I’m an artist from New York, if you didn’t know.)  I liked how they had much in common though they didn’t realize it. They both needed to find themselves. I identified with Josh because he left his country to find a place that was his. I felt sad because he didn’t find it right away. I thought their struggles were real. But I love the message the most. In all the books, it’s about finding yourself and not letting the person you’re with become you. Relationships are about sharing and coming together as two whole people to make a better union. If that’s what teenagers are reading about love these days, then let’s all thank Stephanie Perkins. None of her girls or boys changed things about them for  the sake of a relationship, and that’s important. They only enhanced themselves toward a better self.

If that’s not enough to hook you, then let me also say, that Stephanie Perkins does not drop the ball on her subplots. All secondary and even tertiary characters have interesting arcs.

Finally, I want to assure you, that you will not miss out on the story lines of your favorites. Stephanie Perkins really layers on the finale and ties everything up in a nice neat box for us so we know exactly where everyone is and where they are going at the end.

(Though I drew the fanart, the characters are ©Stephanie Perkins and the poses are from found imagery 🙂


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