Book Review: Nimona – Noelle Stevenson

aumokd6pfdtuhq4dvfax_0Recently, I’ve become obsessed with good graphic novels. I read Beautiful Creatures ONLY because Cassandra Jean illustrated it. I started reading Manga, and immersed myself in the graphic novels of Gerard Way (a childhood hero) and started collecting stories with pretty art.

That’s how I came across Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. I knew of her work from the cover of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. So though I missed out on the Nimona webcomic, I snatched up this book, preordered and all.

Let’s talk story. The story is engaging, action packed, witty, everything I wanted. We follow Nimona, a girl eager to be the sidekick of her favorite supervillian, Lord Ballister Blackheart, and take down the adorable, knight in shining armor, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, I mean, really with the names, how adorable can we get?

Without spoiling it for you, I can tell you Nimona and Lord Blackheart go on an epic journey, learn about love and who to trust, and how exactly to not leave a shapeshifter behind.

This full color, clearly, and beautifully illustrated story is engaging and worth the read. It sits so nicely on my shelf.

Also, despite the rich story, it’s a light read. I highly recommend it.

Find Noelle Stevenson here! 


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