Book Review: Winger – Andrew Smith

11861815I picked this book up honestly, because I wanted to do some research about the genre. I’m working on a manuscript at the moment about a regular boy with some every day problems, and I wanted to see how authors today are handling it.

Well, I don’t know what I was expecting, but this book was an outstanding read. Between Ryan Dean’s doodles, to his wit, his obsession with singing and being a tough rugby player, to the way he cared about his best friend and less about who thought he was gay for loving said best friend, he was a real entertaining main character.

I think with a book like this, the biggest obstacle is creating a character with a clear voice who engages the reader. At least, that’s what I think about when I write my book. So Ryan Dean definitely did that. I have a clear picture of who he is, and he is absolutely damn funny and keeps me engaged when really he doesn’t do very many out of the ordinary things… until the tragic ending.

Really. Please pick up this book. Like the rest of Andrew Smith’s books, it’s worth it. ALSO I just found out it’s the first in a series :O


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