“She would be so pretty if…”

Women in books kind of bother me. Even the ones who win and kick ass. I feel like a lot of kickass women I read get a nice boyfriend in the end, who loves her despite what makes her different.

I agree that we need diversity in books. We need fat women, women of ALL CULTURES, trans women, disabled women, just ALL WOMEN, and you know what? We don’t need them to get a nice, gorgeous boyfriend in the end of their story. As if the boyfriend is a hero because he loves them despite their fatness, or blackness, or disability, or whatever it is that makes them a real person.

We need female heroines of all shapes, sizes, and colors, living life and not being viewed as a success IN SPITE OF whatever it is which makes us love them, whatever it is which sets them apart.

We need heroines who teach women you are important because you are you, not in spite of what makes you, you.


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