Magpies: A Book of Muses!

Hey guys! So, I wanted to share with you a bit about the project I’m involved with, Magpies: A Book of Muses, by Zee Simon, and Chloe Stewart. With only four days left on the Kickstarter, we wanted to share what sort of work you should be expecting from us! Here is a small gallery of only a few of the 46 artists involved!

For each artist, inspiration takes different forms, we are curating an artbook that will characterize that fire of inspiration that is lit in each and every one of us. We are using this book as a celebration of the passion and imagination that allows us to keep creating.

It is said that King Pierus named his daughters after the nine muses, claiming that his daughters were more beautiful and talented than the muses themselves. The muses punished King Pierus by turning his beautiful daughters into magpies.

We have gathered many talented artists to create their own magpies: a personification or representation of who their muse is and we are using these pieces to fill a colorful and inspirational 60 page artbook.

Please! Share, like, retweet, reblog, anything you can! We would really love to see this project realized and we need your help!


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