CALL FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS: Short Story Anthology – Crows on Heartstrings





I would like to introduce a project called Crows on Heartstrings.

What is it?

Crows on Heartstrings is a collection of short stories that we are in the midst of curating. We just need two things: WRITERS and ARTISTS!


Please, help me fill the pages of Crows on Heartstrings with tales of doomed love. The theme is just that: Doomed Love Stories. Think, Blue and Gansey. But you are not limited to romantic love. It can be familial or friendly love, ANY LOVE, (we don’t discriminate here) as long as it is doomed.

If you haven’t written a story yet, that’s fine.

Send me:

  • A sample of your writing
  • A pitch and simple plot structure for your story
  • Please send everything to me at with a link to your sample or with it in the body of the text (no attachments please)

Our only other criteria is that you keep the word count between 5,000-7,500 words.

We will be choosing 12-15 writers!

The final product will be self published and put on kickstarter to be funded for a first edition batch of around 1,000 books. If our goal is not reached, never fear, we have a few backup plans!


We need 12 – 15 artists to create illustrations to be published for the introduction piece for each story.

As this is very specific to the story, just send a portfolio, (preferably a link to your tumblr or website) and send us information like the mediums you use and any notable things about your work.

Again, if you are interested, please send all submissions to


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