Book Review: Nick and Charlie – Alice Oseman



Being inside Nick and Charlie’s heads gave me a very real and clear understanding of their relationship. Mental illness is a real thing, and sometimes it’s brushed off. A lot of the time it’s downright dismissed. Have you ever had someone tell you to just “get over it” or that you were “over reacting?” The beautiful thing of this is that I don’t know if I’m projecting but I feel like Charlie has. I also feel like Nick takes a very real and heartwarming approach to sticking by Charlie. My heart tore in two when the thing that happens in this novella happened. And I think Alice Oseman illustrated a wonderfully accurate picture of how difficult love is, but how worth it, it is.

The other thing is, (and after talking on tumblr with the author, I admire her even more) she never once fetishize the boys. They could be anyone, and the story still stays true. It’s about love when it’s hard, and who you are, gender, sexuality, whatever, it doesn’t matter, because you always have to work at love.

So there. I am passionately feeling for Nick and Charlie as a complex relationship, and that clearly negates my first review of it. I did come away feeling for them.

If you haven’t seen already, Alice Oseman also illustrates on this tumblr   and I think you should check it out. That’s where I got the images from up top!



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