Abomination Boy and Half a Prince

Lucien and Elijah #1

Lucien Grey sifted through his voices, trying to find his own in the hurricane of his mind. With all the voices whipping around, screaming and nagging him to tear, rip, kill, he found another, no less violent than the rest.

“Hey there, Hellboy, whatcha up to? That’s a fiiine set of fucking demon bones you got there. Whatcha say I take them off your hands. No? No dice? Well…” The voice belonged to the same stupid thug that had been bothering him earlier, but now, with the streets deserted under the filmy glow of a lone streetlight, the thug was going to win.

Lucien whipped his pale as paper arm around and connected one blackened fist with the thug’s nose. It cracked a gargling snap and the boy, cried out.

“If you move an inch, I will bury a bullet in your head,” Elijah said, with his gun cocked and pointed between one curve of Lucien’s horns.

Lucien rolled his all black eyes up to meet Elijah. He savored the cool metal pressed against his scalp. Sickening pain rustled up some bile in the back of his throat that he couldn’t push down. A smile cracked across his speckled face.

“Is that a promise?”  

Elijah narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the demon before him. “No.” He couldn’t put a finger on him. He’d seen several desperate demons, but this one looked new, anomalous. He tilted his gun to some extent, keeping the gun trained on his head. “Who are you?” His brows raised. “Where did you come from? Speak.” He propelled his gun on him, enforcing the threat in his inquiry.

“Are you fucking stupid? I’m a demon, kill me!” He spat with a voice like liquid metal. He fingered the gun, pushing it into his chest and lunged at the boy in an attempt to end the life he valued so little.

Without second thoughts, Elijah righted his aim and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit home in his forehead. The demon slumped on the ground, blood oozing out from his head. Elijah glanced at his shirt stained in some blood. He sighed and wiped the spray off with handkerchief but it smudged, spreading more. He looked at the lifeless demon. He’d never come across suicidal ones.

“Oh my goodness! Lucien. No no no. Honey, please don’t be dead.” A wisp of a girl called from across the street, gliding over like an angel in flight. All the airy loveliness of her  caramel skin and wild red hair was lost when she pushed some gun wielding bandit aside with the force of a linebacker.

Her hands found the wound in Lucien’s head and fingered the ripped flesh. She looked up to the black haired boy with a gun and back down to her failed project. Without a hint of disgust, she tugged the bullet from where it lay deep in Lucien’s head.

She pressed her soft fingers into his temples, massaged his head and prayed there was enough angelic blood in there to work with her, stitch him back together.

“What the hell? Do you normally just run up to people and shoot them in the head?” The girl whipped around to scream with vengeance into Elijah’s face. “What the hell is wrong with you?”



Welcome to the Lucien and Elijah serial by Aubrey Meeks and Julienne 

The accompanying illustration was done by Aegisdea and I couldn’t be happier!

So what’s next for Lucien? How dead is he? WHAT is he? Who’s the chick, and what is she going to do with Elijah?

Stay turned for tomorrow’s instalment of Abomination Boy and Half a Prince to find out!

Lucien and Abomination Boys characters and writing © Aubrey “Meeks” Brown 2015

Elijah and writing © Julienne 2015


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