Abomination Boy and Half a Prince Part 2

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“I don’t normally walk out of my house with a pistol in hand in the early morning, shooting everyone I see.” Elijah eyed the girl who just arrived. Yet, another suspicious creature. “Unless they’re demons who I conclude will be threats. I warned your friend here, but he didn’t listen.”

“Of course he didn’t listen.” She screeched, limiting her words like she knew something she didn’t want to share with a well dressed street thug. The girl prodded at Lucien’s head and watched with her violet eyes as the bloody mess of his black and bright red blood dissolved under her fingers. It took mere minutes to close the gaping hole in the middle of his head.

“You just attempted to murder an angel as much as you did a demon, though. Just saying.” She scowled. “If you know how freaking rare that is, you’ll be smart enough to assume you know nothing about it.”

Elijah merely shrugged and watched the girl with a listless stare. He kept his gun in hand, just in case he’d be needing it again.

“I don’t see any crimes that can be inflicted on me upon killing an angel or demon. There is no law with that, little girl. And if you have the decency to clarify to me what this creature I just killed was, then maybe we won’t be in outright confusion at the moment.” He advanced closer, lips parted at the sight of the hole on the demon’s head closing in. “What are you doing?” He raised the gun again, but this time, it was pointed on the girl.

“Before you get a little too gun happy, I’ll have you know, my father is Raphael, Archangel Raphael. If you want to kill me, go for it. I can’t promise it will end well for you though.” She dismissed him with a flippant flick of her wrist and went back to tending to Lucien until his wound closed. “But really, you have ears. Use them. I told you. He’s an angel-demon mix. I’m an angel – nephilim mix, I’m healing him.” The girl mumbled to herself like a chant, willing Lucien to come back to her. “What the heck did he do to you that you had to fucking shoot him? He just asked for it and you were like, oh yeah buddy, happy to help. BANG…?” The girl brushed Lucien’s white hair from his young and unblemished face. He couldn’t have been more than eighteen. His lanky limbs sprawled out over the girls lap as she cradled him with the tenderness of a lover. “Come back Lucien. Come on honey.”

Elijah laughed, bringing his gun down. The sound of his laugh echoed in the air, thick and manic. When he spoke again, the proof his smile was etched on his lips. “Should the mention of your so holy father  make me cower in fear? I fear no angel nor demon.” He studied the girl cradling the demon he’d just killed. If he was indeed, as the girl had said, demon and angel offspring, then he would survive the bullet Elijah had given him.

Perhaps he should leave them be. He had some errands he hadn’t finished yet anyway, but he was rooted on the ground, waiting for bloodshed? Perhaps.“I warned your friend, and yet he assaulted me like an unhinged animal. If we look into this in the human perception, it will appear like self-defense.”

“Good for you. I bet having no fears puts you right in line with him, asking for death.” She hissed.  At least Lucien had a reason, not that she cared to hear Elijah’s.

“Dahlia. Dahlia? No!” Lucien woke to the warmth of Dahlia’s fingertips, putting him back together for the second time in two days.  The pain of his battling bloods had subsided, faded from a roaring pain to a dull dim of annoyance. Blood still trailed from the corners of his mouth, the red blood of an angel, none of the sticky black gunk of a demon.


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Welcome to the Lucien and Elijah serial by Aubrey Meeks and Julienne 

The accompanying illustration was done by Aegisdea and I couldn’t be happier!

Lucien’s awake! What could be so wrong with him that he’d ask for death like that? Is his pain really that bad? How many angels will Elijah kill next?

Stay turned for tomorrow’s instalment of Abomination Boy and Half a Prince to find out!

Lucien and Abomination Boys characters and writing © Aubrey “Meeks” Brown 2015

Elijah and writing © Julienne 2015


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