Abomination Boy and Half a Prince Part 4

Lucien and Elijah HeaderMalachi smirked a harrowing grin. Lucien let go of his bleeding chest and took off running. Malachi blinked from left to right, appearing on one side, then the other, turning Lucien around in circles.

Lucien backed out of the circle and sprinted back towards Elijah and his demon blasting gun, and lunged. Malachi was behind Elijah, reaching for his neck, ready to snap.

Malachi’s ink dipped fingertips found Elijah’s neck. Lucien caught him by the smallest finger and snapped it until it severed.

“Mal, this is not how we behave.” Lucien grinned, breathing into Malachi’s ear, pressing his own smudgy fingers into Malachi’s equally pasty white skin. “Tsk Tsk, big brother.” He sang and bit down hard on Malachi’s carotid artery. The blood rushed into his mouth, hissing a sour taste into his tongue and slid down his throat.

Lucien spat the thick black blood to the floor and threw Malachi down to the pavement with a hard crack.

“That’s my brother.” He stated, answering the question on everyone’s mind before joining him in a broken heap on the floor.

Elijah blinked, perusing the two bodies sprawled on the ground. It all went fast.

He brushed his neck with his fingers, shocked by how this Malachi had touched him. He glanced at Natalie, made sure she was still whole and not missing a limb. She appeared fine, but her eyes were pinned on the brothers. Then Elijah turned to Dahlia. “Are there any more of these brothers?”

“I’m sorry. Did he just…?” Dahlia walked a line of eggshells over to Lucien. Stunned by his savage attack, on his own brother, she gingerly knelt down behind him and placed a hand on his trembling shoulder. He was out, as out as he could be, with exhausted harrowing eyes unmoving in their sockets.  Lucien’s chest rose and fell in jagged breaths, none of which seemed to fill his lungs.

He was breathing, at least, still alive, and not running around like a bat out of Hell. So Dahlia let him stay there on the ground, shaking, but considerably less manic than he had been seconds before.

“I have no idea if there are more. I just know that was an older one, not as much of a reliable model as Lucien here…” Her joke wasn’t funny. Lucien was sick, ill, crazed – and if they didn’t do something, Dahlia would soon run out of excuses to keep saving him. She couldn’t bank on there’s something about him. That meant nothing when something was being a murderous boy who heard voices.

“What do I have to do to persuade you guys to help me, help him? I think it could be a simple fix. His angel blood is distressed.” Probably a lot.

“How can we help?” Natalie set her grocery bag down and bent near Lucien, examining him. She wasn’t an expert in demons and angels. Elijah was. She glanced over her shoulder, giving Elijah a pleading stare, mouthing, “Help them.”

Elijah, recalling what Lucien had done moments ago, thought to help. Yet, why would he help these people – demons or angels – whatever they were? He had enough things to worry about. With a sigh, he muttered, “There isn’t much we can do about this.”



Welcome to the Lucien and Elijah serial by Aubrey Meeks and Julienne 

The accompanying illustration was done by Aegisdea and I couldn’t be happier!

More of them! More Abominations?

Children of Lilith feeding on each other? What’ s happening with the Abomination Boys and how is Elijah going to get himself out of this one?

Lucien and Abomination Boys characters and writing © Aubrey “Meeks” Brown 2015

Elijah and writing © Julienne 2015



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