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I’ve reopened my etsy shop to sell abstract art and BJD faceups 🙂
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Updated BJD Faceup Prices



Hey Everyone,
My name is Aubrey Meeks and though I only joined the hobby in 2016, I have a BFA of Fine Arts, focusing on Painting and Sculpture. I live in Germany but am from New York City. I’ve been in the hobby for a little under a year but I’ve been sculpting and casting in resin and painting it since 2009

Services and Pricing:
Faceups – $35
Body Blushing – $50
Tattoos – $5 per tattoo
Everything is plus calculated shipping. Heads usually go insured for about 4-5 dollars and SD size full dolls are about $37 to the US, just for an idea.
All items will be sent from me by DHL or DHL Express and insured so that if anything is lost, we can track the item and get the money back for it. For this reason, I will not under-declare the item. However, I can always mark it as your personal effects so customs fees will never be an issue.
If an item chips within six months of my painting it because of something I may have done wrong, (not because of scuffing, dropping, scratches done by the doll owner) , I will redo the faceup or blushing for free, provided you pay for shipping again.
I will send updates every step of the way.
**Legit BJDs Only**

Please send all requests through the Contact Page

All the clichés about turning around when life gets weird.

Accomplishments are great about 99% of the time but for me, my accomplishments of 2016 seem (like the rest of the year) shitty.

I published a book. I think that’s great. I think publishing a book is amazing. I got it funded successfully on Kickstarter and brought together artists and writers from around the globe. Now it’s sinking in and we’re making our royalty checks and I can’t help but think “This isn’t as cool as I had hoped it would be.”

Crows on Heartstrings was great, but I could have researched my story more, I could have paid another editor to look over the book just five more times on top of the countless number of reads went into it as it was. I could have done so much more but I didn’t and now I can’t focus on anything but those things. I don’t feel like I rushed Crows, but I feel like now that I’ve done it, I would go about it differently. So now I have this book that is successful on so many different levels that you might want to look at it, and I feel… unfulfilled. Like I didn’t do the best I could. And maybe that’s just a symptom of being naive and making all the first mistakes I needed to make.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t do it.

I got into the BJD hobby this year. If you know nothing about BJD’s it stands for Ball Jointed Dolls. They’re made of resin and are limited run casts of art dolls. They’re not like barbies or action figures. They are 100% customizable works of art. Some people may say they’re weird, because dolls are weird right? But what I ended up doing, and what most collectors end up doing, is I made them into my characters from all the books I was working on. In doing this, I was able to flesh out characters and see them better. In doing this, I decided to scrap my Archer and the Lust Boys project. But the characters and some story elements didn’t die.
BJDs helped me see that on a broader spectrum, if I wrote about what I loved instead of what I felt I owed my characters, I could make some kind of fantasy masterpiece.
All the characters from my worlds fit nicely into one single Urban Fantasy/Alternate history world. They all exist on the same plane now. Archer and the Lust Boys still exist and are an integral part of the story, but they’re no longer boring teenagers who don’t do ver much as far as external plot is concerned.

I am focusing on world religion. I took art history as a minor in university and I loved learning about the religion and cultures that produced works of art I loved so much. I don’t want to spoil anything about the project I’m working on now, mainly because I am still in the research phase of it and anything I say now is likely to change, but I’m happy. I’m researching. I’m researching things that I love and find interesting. I might not be ready to write this first book until next year, but when I do it will be a well mapped out and researched world and I’m proud of myself for having realized that I needed to improve my world-building. It seems so stupid now, for me to say, “yeah I rushed the world building” I just feel so stupid about that.

While I research, I am creating more traditional art. I realized I wanted to draw characters and illustrate because I admired so man illustrators. But I’m not an illustrator. I’m an abstract artist. I’m a fine artist. So my two main focuses are that. I am working on creating more original abstract pieces and expanding my skills as an artist. I am also working on sculpting my own dolls, because I’ve always wanted to make dolls and the more I fall into this BJD hobby, the more I feel like this is what I was meant to do.

2016 helped me reprioritize my life and realize what I was doing for me and what I was doing because I thought I had to.

I will start posting more blogs, but they might not be writing related. They might just be art updates and commission updates. I definitely won’t be doing illustration anymore.

My point is that I was doing all of these things that vaguely lead me to this place and when I sat down to think about what I wanted to do, it all clicked. I am so excited to work on all the things I’ve got planned now. Everything I’m doing excites me.

Doomed Love + CrazyGood International Artists = Bombass Short Story Anthology


Hey Bloggers! I need to get real with you for a second.

We need more women writing stories.

We need more women being published.

We need more women making art.

We need to see more LGBT and POC characters carrying their own stories and NOT being killed off to further a cisthet white male character’s arc.

We need LGBTQIA+ Stories that are more than reducing characters to their sexualities.

We need to be able to read the characters whenever we want

We need to make all of these demands mainstream and we can do it. I promise you, we can do it. 



I curated a book of short stories called Crows on Heartstrings. It’s a book of doomed love stories. The stories aren’t all solely romance though, we include stories from Fantasy, Sci-fi, Period, and Contemporary genres.

We need your help on Kickstarter, so read on and decide if you would like to back us!

We have artists and writers from all over the world, sure, we have some heterosexual romance here, but we focused on being inclusive of ALL types of love.

With Crows on Heartstrings, you can read about:

Love between Asexual witches

A Faery Prince and an Elven Prince whose reason they can’t be together ISN’T that they’re gay and bisexual, respectively

Two ladies who break curses and together and fall deeply and wonderfully in love.

And SO MUCH MORE  ..The stories just keep going on!  We have 13 stories and 2 comics.

Our artists and writers include people you know form tumblr like @pannan-art @maxwickstrom @aegisdea @dodtt @heavenlyeros @artofpan @weatherfox @aubreymeeksart @shadowhimsy @gloriousmonsters @glitzandshadows @alzuna and so many more!

The only thing that we were super stringent about was that all the stories had to be doomed. So your favorite characters are going to suffer. I promise you they will. But the point here is that they will not suffer to be a plot device. Each character is his/her/their own person and we do not sacrifice them for the sake of a heteronormative person. Never. I promise you. The villains in these stories are who they are supposed to be and I am really confident you will love our book.

We need your help. We are a self published book and we need your support

Please check out our kickstarter:

If you pledge to get this book seen, you are telling the mainstream publishers that books like this shouldn’t have to be self published in order to be seen! Please support us, share this, our kickstarter, even if you can’t pledge! We need to share this book with you!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


LGBT and Female Characters — How Crows on Heartstrings Wants Self Publishing To Change Everything

What is the difference between a female character and a male character in mainstream publishing? Well — that’s easy. The answer should be nothing.

It should be that male and female characters are both treated equally, but it doesn’t happen that way. Male characters are flawed but likeable. They struggle and are strong. Male characters are people. So what about female characters? It seems that today female characters are talked about in one of two ways, they are either the strong female lead or are a Mary Sue. 

The trend now in female characters is that they need to be strong in all aspects, fierce, undeniably unbeatable. Why can’t we see female characters the way we see male characters? Flawed and strong? Why are female characters so extreme? What happened to real women? Are we not interesting enough to make real characters?

But, tip the scale in either direction, and critics will tell you your female lead is obviously inspired by the author and therefore a Mary Sue, OR has no flaws to be seen and is too good at everything, and therefore, a Mary Sue.

What about characters of racial minority? Or LGBT Characters? What happens then?

Well, we simply do not have enough of those.

Why is it so hard to get good female characters, POC characters, and LGBT characters in stories? Does mainstream publishing not think they will sell? If that’s so, then we need to look to self publishers such as Natalia Jaster and J.C. Lillis for help.

Self publishing isn’t the same as it used to be. Sure, you can get some pretty sketchy e-books. A lot of them seem to be just first drafts of novels. But what we need to start doing, is to use self publishing, and fund self publishers, so that main stream publishers know what we want.



If you agree with me up until this point, I have to share something with you. Crows on Heartstrings is a book of illustrated short stories, all centered around doomed love.

Our writers craft harrowing tales of families torn apart by entities unknown, lovers cursed by fairies, siblings fighting monsters, and more. No type of love is safe from our tragedies. Gay, straight, romantic, familial, friendly, no matter what your shape or color, we have something for you and we are coming for you. We also take our anti-discriminatory viewpoint and stretch it across genres. We have fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, period, and contemporary pieces.

These aren’t just romances, they’re epic tales of doom. I can’t wait to steal your heart and shatter it a little!

And as if that isn’t enough, we have haunting imagery from only the most talented artists, just to twist the knife. Did you think we were done? Because we even have comics and poems, all doomed.

But it’s better to love and to have lost, isn’t it?

Crows on Heartstrings aims to treat it’s characters as the real, flawed, gritty characters we want.

Our gay characters do more than come out and suffer for it. Our women save the day in the real and complex ways that men do, and our POC characters do not die to enhance the arc of white male leads.

Crows on Heartstrings wants to show the world that stories can be marketable AND diverse.

We need to take what we want.

We need to create a demand for diversity in our books.

We need to write and appreciate characters who thrive or struggle in their own stories without depending on a cisgendered white male lead.

LGBT, Female, and POC characters are NOT plot devices. If you want to see all these things and more in your books and media, you must support small, self publishers where they offer it.

To learn more about Crows on Heartstrings and how you can help, pledge to our Kickstarter !

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Crows on Heartstrings TEASER! Roses Grow for Mammet Men by Aubrey Meeks

What is it about?!

Elves and Faeries walk among humans in this urban fantasy set in New York City. The young, Elven clan leader, Daði Manfredsson, and Fae Prince, Mercurie Nightray have bigger things to worry about than integrating into human society.

But politics and love don’t mix, and soon, the two boys are slinging curses to sacrifice their love for control of the Hudson river trade routes.

Do the boys know love at all?

Can they work through true love and balance duty and desire? Or is it really as doomed as Crows on Heartstrings promises?


“So, on this clear summer day, the tourists caught tall Dathi the elf in their pictures of the New York City Skyline and the Statue. It was like they’d never seen an elf before. Then again, Dath reminded himself, most people on this side of the ferry, the wrong side of the ferry, came from places like, the midwest, or the south, where Elves were still a bit of a myth.

He took the photo anyway. He put on a nice face for her to show her friends at book club. He smoothed his cornsilk plaits and his Rolling Stones t-shirt so whoever saw the image on her Facebook page thought something like, hey, that guy looks alright. Instead of whatever prejudiced bullshit they might say otherwise.

If Mercurie were here now. Dath chuckled to himself. If his boyfriend, my man, were there, the tourists might’ve gone home with slightly pornographic pictures of my Fairy boy and an Elf boy making out–And then they’d both be arrested for being a public nuisance. New Yorkers are liberal, but they’re not that liberal. Elves and Fae were still sort of taboo.”

-Excerpt from Roses Grow for Mammet Men by Aubrey Meeks

If you’re interested in Crows on Heartstrings, check out our kickstarter by clicking here!

(art by Ashley Feemster)

Book Review: The Making of Gabriel Davenport – Beverley Lee

41y4hndgmAL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_I highly recommend this book to anyone with a taste for the supernatural. I grew up a very superstitious person and afraid of ghosts and demons, so naturally I gravitate to a good supernatural story, like this one.

This book was thrilling from front to back and filled with characters to love, hate, and be afraid of.
I thoroughly enjoyed Gabe and wished I could see more of him in the book.
Some characters I didn’t like, such as the twins, and Carver. Maybe they took too much time away from Gabe, or maybe they were actually just not my type of people. You’ll have to read to find out.
All I can say that despite my character preferences, the book was well written. It was extremely well written and I cannot wait to read what happens next.

I have an absolute soft spot for Moth. Beverley has made me absolutely fall in love with him and I think he might be my favorite of the book. He’s another one I can’t wait to see more of!

I don’t want to spoil anything, so if you like mystery and superstition, ghost hunts, and demons, this one is for you.


Check Beverley out on WordPress,  Twitter, and Facebook!

Book Review: Wink Poppy Midnight – April Genevieve Tucholke

wink poppy midnightApril Genevieve Tucholke never fails to impress me. I am absolutely a fan. I picked this one up first because the cover is GORGEOUS, and second, because I read the Between series by Tucholke and it was incredible.

I have to admit, I was a little thrown off that these three weren’t elves. Wink, Poppy, and Midnight, are the main characters we follow through this story, and are really just high school kids.

I loved how the naming bought a bit of magic and mystery to the book. The whole thing was rather dream-like and even maybe a bit fairy tale, and yet we had some pretty normal characters.

Maybe there wasn’t magic in the book at all. Maybe it was more about how we want magic. Doesn’t everyone want magic?

I think the blaring point of this book is that no one is ever one thing. These characters are multifaceted and will keep you guessing until the very end.

I also enjoyed the strong theme of how outside influence can make you feel like something else entirely. There were strong themes dealing with identity, influence, and labeling.

The whole thing was great, full of incredible characters, and I urge you to read this so we can discuss it.