5 Days To Go! Let’s Fund Crows on Heartstrings!




We only have FIVE DAYS! We can do this with your help!


Crows on Heartstrings is a fully illustrated anthology of short stories. We have a little something for everyone, no matter what your gender, sexuality, or color, we have something for you. We are proud to say that we are mostly created by, for and about lgbtqa+ folks. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. We are also comprised of 23 women, and 3 men, so READ WOMEN!

The project is in its last FIVE DAYS on kickstarter and we need all of your support to bring our dream to life! please pledge if you can, and spread the word. thank you for everything, guys. we would not have made it this far without you!


Here are some of our contributors:

@aegisdea @aubreymeeksart @pannan-art @sonialiao @maxwickstrom @weatherfox @alisabishop @heavenlyeros @dodtt @spectre-draws @thevioletknight @shutterbones @artofpan


What Crows on Heartstrings NEEDS:

We need FUNDING. We need your pledges to make this a reality. If you can pledge even just five dollars if you can, and tell five friends personally to pledge as well, we can do this! We want to give you the characters you want to read. Please help us make this inclusive book written and illustrated by 23 women, and 3 men, some or most of us LGBT+ writers and artists.  Come on! We can do it!


We only have FIVE DAYS! We can do this with your help!



Doomed Love + CrazyGood International Artists = Bombass Short Story Anthology


Hey Bloggers! I need to get real with you for a second.

We need more women writing stories.

We need more women being published.

We need more women making art.

We need to see more LGBT and POC characters carrying their own stories and NOT being killed off to further a cisthet white male character’s arc.

We need LGBTQIA+ Stories that are more than reducing characters to their sexualities.

We need to be able to read the characters whenever we want

We need to make all of these demands mainstream and we can do it. I promise you, we can do it. 



I curated a book of short stories called Crows on Heartstrings. It’s a book of doomed love stories. The stories aren’t all solely romance though, we include stories from Fantasy, Sci-fi, Period, and Contemporary genres.

We need your help on Kickstarter, so read on and decide if you would like to back us!

We have artists and writers from all over the world, sure, we have some heterosexual romance here, but we focused on being inclusive of ALL types of love.

With Crows on Heartstrings, you can read about:

Love between Asexual witches

A Faery Prince and an Elven Prince whose reason they can’t be together ISN’T that they’re gay and bisexual, respectively

Two ladies who break curses and together and fall deeply and wonderfully in love.

And SO MUCH MORE  ..The stories just keep going on!  We have 13 stories and 2 comics.

Our artists and writers include people you know form tumblr like @pannan-art @maxwickstrom @aegisdea @dodtt @heavenlyeros @artofpan @weatherfox @aubreymeeksart @shadowhimsy @gloriousmonsters @glitzandshadows @alzuna and so many more!

The only thing that we were super stringent about was that all the stories had to be doomed. So your favorite characters are going to suffer. I promise you they will. But the point here is that they will not suffer to be a plot device. Each character is his/her/their own person and we do not sacrifice them for the sake of a heteronormative person. Never. I promise you. The villains in these stories are who they are supposed to be and I am really confident you will love our book.

We need your help. We are a self published book and we need your support

Please check out our kickstarter:


If you pledge to get this book seen, you are telling the mainstream publishers that books like this shouldn’t have to be self published in order to be seen! Please support us, share this, our kickstarter, even if you can’t pledge! We need to share this book with you!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


Crows on Heartstrings is picking up Artists! APPLY NOW

We still have slots open for artists and writers, so apply now so you can join collaborators like heavenlyeros who did this wonderful promotional image for us. You’ll be seeing her work in the book! Aren’t you excited?


CALL FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS: Short Story Anthology – Crows on Heartstrings





I would like to introduce a project called Crows on Heartstrings.

What is it?

Crows on Heartstrings is a collection of short stories that we are in the midst of curating. We just need two things: WRITERS and ARTISTS!


Please, help me fill the pages of Crows on Heartstrings with tales of doomed love. The theme is just that: Doomed Love Stories. Think, Blue and Gansey. But you are not limited to romantic love. It can be familial or friendly love, ANY LOVE, (we don’t discriminate here) as long as it is doomed.

If you haven’t written a story yet, that’s fine.

Send me:

  • A sample of your writing
  • A pitch and simple plot structure for your story
  • Please send everything to me at crowsonheartstrings@gmail.com with a link to your sample or with it in the body of the text (no attachments please)

Our only other criteria is that you keep the word count between 5,000-7,500 words.

We will be choosing 12-15 writers!

The final product will be self published and put on kickstarter to be funded for a first edition batch of around 1,000 books. If our goal is not reached, never fear, we have a few backup plans!


We need 12 – 15 artists to create illustrations to be published for the introduction piece for each story.

As this is very specific to the story, just send a portfolio, (preferably a link to your tumblr or website) and send us information like the mediums you use and any notable things about your work.

Again, if you are interested, please send all submissions to crowsonheartstrings@gmail.com

Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss Series – Stephanie Perkins

Okay, so this review is featuring a little bit of fan art I did of Isla and Josh.

I started the Anna and the French Kiss series because I needed something light to read. I needed something completely different from The Kingkiller Chronicles because man, did Kvothe leave me with a severe book hangover.

Anyway, I love this series for what it is. It’s just about falling in love, plain and simple. Stephanie Perkins makes you really feel it.

With Anna and Étienne, it was enough to get me hooked. Sweet, light, a bit infuriating, and enough of a break for them each to find themselves at the end. Perfect.

What I liked about Lola and Cricket, might not make sense at first: Lola annoyed me at times, but in a way that I found so true to how it feels to be in love and a teenager and confused. I don’t ever think there was a time I was annoyed with her where she wasn’t annoyed with herself. Isn’t that beautiful?
Cricket was an adorable little muffin and I couldn’t wait to see how he did up against dickhead Max.

With that being said, wow did I LOVE Josh and Isla.

I maybe had a bit of a crush on Josh because of the artist in New York thing (hello, I’m an artist from New York, if you didn’t know.)  I liked how they had much in common though they didn’t realize it. They both needed to find themselves. I identified with Josh because he left his country to find a place that was his. I felt sad because he didn’t find it right away. I thought their struggles were real. But I love the message the most. In all the books, it’s about finding yourself and not letting the person you’re with become you. Relationships are about sharing and coming together as two whole people to make a better union. If that’s what teenagers are reading about love these days, then let’s all thank Stephanie Perkins. None of her girls or boys changed things about them for  the sake of a relationship, and that’s important. They only enhanced themselves toward a better self.

If that’s not enough to hook you, then let me also say, that Stephanie Perkins does not drop the ball on her subplots. All secondary and even tertiary characters have interesting arcs.

Finally, I want to assure you, that you will not miss out on the story lines of your favorites. Stephanie Perkins really layers on the finale and ties everything up in a nice neat box for us so we know exactly where everyone is and where they are going at the end.

(Though I drew the fanart, the characters are ©Stephanie Perkins and the poses are from found imagery 🙂