Updated BJD Faceup Prices



Hey Everyone,
My name is Aubrey Meeks and though I only joined the hobby in 2016, I have a BFA of Fine Arts, focusing on Painting and Sculpture. I live in Germany but am from New York City. I’ve been in the hobby for a little under a year but I’ve been sculpting and casting in resin and painting it since 2009

Services and Pricing:
Faceups – $35
Body Blushing – $50
Tattoos – $5 per tattoo
Everything is plus calculated shipping. Heads usually go insured for about 4-5 dollars and SD size full dolls are about $37 to the US, just for an idea.
All items will be sent from me by DHL or DHL Express and insured so that if anything is lost, we can track the item and get the money back for it. For this reason, I will not under-declare the item. However, I can always mark it as your personal effects so customs fees will never be an issue.
If an item chips within six months of my painting it because of something I may have done wrong, (not because of scuffing, dropping, scratches done by the doll owner) , I will redo the faceup or blushing for free, provided you pay for shipping again.
I will send updates every step of the way.
**Legit BJDs Only**

Please send all requests through the Contact Page