5 Days To Go! Let’s Fund Crows on Heartstrings!




We only have FIVE DAYS! We can do this with your help!


Crows on Heartstrings is a fully illustrated anthology of short stories. We have a little something for everyone, no matter what your gender, sexuality, or color, we have something for you. We are proud to say that we are mostly created by, for and about lgbtqa+ folks. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. We are also comprised of 23 women, and 3 men, so READ WOMEN!

The project is in its last FIVE DAYS on kickstarter and we need all of your support to bring our dream to life! please pledge if you can, and spread the word. thank you for everything, guys. we would not have made it this far without you!


Here are some of our contributors:

@aegisdea @aubreymeeksart @pannan-art @sonialiao @maxwickstrom @weatherfox @alisabishop @heavenlyeros @dodtt @spectre-draws @thevioletknight @shutterbones @artofpan


What Crows on Heartstrings NEEDS:

We need FUNDING. We need your pledges to make this a reality. If you can pledge even just five dollars if you can, and tell five friends personally to pledge as well, we can do this! We want to give you the characters you want to read. Please help us make this inclusive book written and illustrated by 23 women, and 3 men, some or most of us LGBT+ writers and artists.  Come on! We can do it!


We only have FIVE DAYS! We can do this with your help!



Crows on Heartstrings – Anti Valentine’s

Here’s another one by Ashley Feemster for our Artist, Writer, and Curator, my story, Roses Grow for Mammet Men.

This is the perfect time for me to talk to you about my short story!

Roses Grow for Mammet Men is an Urban Fantasy set in New York City. Elves and Fairies are living among humans and they have more important things to worry about than hatred from humans.

Roses Grow for Mammet Men has everything you could want, romance, magic, treachery, and heartache. Dathi and Mercurie struggle with identity, war, and keeping the love alive in this twisty tale.

Follow us for more on this story and all our others! 

Anti Valentine’s Day Cards

Crowsonheartstrings.com is releasing an ‘Anti’ Valentine’s Day card a day to promote the doomed love stories in the collection

I’ll keep posting them ad they are announced! Here are the first two, by artists heavenlyeros and Aïcha Wijland, respectively

Crows on Heartstrings! – Apply Now!

If you’re looking to apply to Crows on Heartstrings, you’re in luck!

The deadline is now extended to November 11th!

All applicants will be hearing from Crows on Heartstrings after that time 😀 So if you haven’t heard from us, it’s okay!

Get your applications in now!

For more information on how to apply, click here!

Crows on Heartstrings is picking up Artists! APPLY NOW

We still have slots open for artists and writers, so apply now so you can join collaborators like heavenlyeros who did this wonderful promotional image for us. You’ll be seeing her work in the book! Aren’t you excited?


Book Review: Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 15.20.19This was a great one. There were only a few I felt were just not my cup of tea. Most were engaging, but I did have a few favorites.

  1. Emmeline – Cat Winters
  2. Sleepless – Jay Kristoff
  3. In the Forest Dark and Deep by Carrie Ryan
  4. Fat Girl With a Knife – Jonathan Maberry

Those were the ultimates for me. I already reviewed Emmeline, so I’ll cut to the others. Sleepless had the most CHILLING reveal. I don’t want to spoil it but it was by far the most suspenseful of the bunch.

In the Forest Dark and Deep left me with a lot of questions. But it was beautifully written and I ended up liking the main character because I feel like maybe she was in control the whole time, a monster rather than a victim. Which is also why I liked Fat Girl With a Knife.

I found that most of the stories made me feel like they weren’t about supernatural monsters so much as they were about how easy it is to become a monster when pushed to the edge.

I highly recommend picking this one up. I won’t share which stories I didn’t much like, because I don’t want to turn anyone off to it. The stories I didn’t enjoy all shared a common similarity and I know that just means they weren’t for me.

Happy reading!

CALL FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS: Short Story Anthology – Crows on Heartstrings





I would like to introduce a project called Crows on Heartstrings.

What is it?

Crows on Heartstrings is a collection of short stories that we are in the midst of curating. We just need two things: WRITERS and ARTISTS!


Please, help me fill the pages of Crows on Heartstrings with tales of doomed love. The theme is just that: Doomed Love Stories. Think, Blue and Gansey. But you are not limited to romantic love. It can be familial or friendly love, ANY LOVE, (we don’t discriminate here) as long as it is doomed.

If you haven’t written a story yet, that’s fine.

Send me:

  • A sample of your writing
  • A pitch and simple plot structure for your story
  • Please send everything to me at crowsonheartstrings@gmail.com with a link to your sample or with it in the body of the text (no attachments please)

Our only other criteria is that you keep the word count between 5,000-7,500 words.

We will be choosing 12-15 writers!

The final product will be self published and put on kickstarter to be funded for a first edition batch of around 1,000 books. If our goal is not reached, never fear, we have a few backup plans!


We need 12 – 15 artists to create illustrations to be published for the introduction piece for each story.

As this is very specific to the story, just send a portfolio, (preferably a link to your tumblr or website) and send us information like the mediums you use and any notable things about your work.

Again, if you are interested, please send all submissions to crowsonheartstrings@gmail.com

Book Review: Emmeline – Cat Winters

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 15.20.19Okay so this isn’t a book, it’s a short story and part of the Slasher Girls and Monster Boys collection curated by April Genevieve Tucholke. I’m not finished with this the collection yet, but I had to review Emmeline while it was still fresh in my mind. I was having a pretty average experience with the book up until this story. Which means, the stories were great, some more well written than others, one was a great story but not my cup of tea, and the other was  a bit confusing but creepy all the same. Anyway, when I got to Emmeline I was immediately entranced. I love a good romance turned ghost story. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I highly recommend you pick up the Slasher Girls and Monster Boys collection curated by April Genevieve Tucholke, and read this one!

I’ll most definitely review the whole book when I’m finished, I just had to get out my feelings about this one first!

Tomorrow is the great reveal!

I’m gonna do it!  Tomorrow I will be posting the first bit of the prequel to my novel (in progress) Archer and the Lust Boys.  The prequel will follow Godfrey, the father of one of my favorite children… I mean characters. 

I will keep the text short until I get a following and dazzle you with illustrations as you read. Basically I’ll be creating a comic book blog 😀 

Who’s excited?